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I’ve been supplying IET to the magic community for over 15 years and have sold thousands of bobbins.

Each bobbin is over 1/2 mile of thread. How do you measure that since it’s elastic thread? You tie one end to a mile marker, zero your odometer, and go slooooowly driving until you reach the end of the thread, or until it snaps. I got 0.5 miles before the thread snapped but there was plenty left so to be 100% honest, I’m only claiming a half mile.

U.S. Destinations only:

1 bobbin: $45.00 + shipping

10 bobbins:$300.00 + shipping

100 bobbins: $2000.00 + free shipping

International destinations: Use the contact form to get a quote on shipping.

Tracking + insurance are included with shipping. Turnaround time is 2 – 15 days(usually 2 but can be 15 if we have to order more bobbins)

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