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This is a bulk pack of 10. If you’re a magic shop and want to sell some of our invisible elastic thread in your shop, this is the pack you want.


All the other sellers will give you a “whopping” 200 feet of IET. That’s not nearly enough for anyone doing serious work. Instead I offer Over a Half Mile*** of elastic thread with 3 filaments, all while being thinner than an average human hair. This amazing thread that can be stretched to 4-5 times its natural state can also be separated into individual filaments to make it even thinner! The possibilities with this product are endless. Make your own loops.


*** How do I know it’s over a half mile? I tied one end to a mile marker and drove really slowly while holding the spool out the window on a screwdriver(so it could freely unwind). I got 1/2 mile and there was almost 1/2 of the spool left but the spool got hung up on the screwdriver for a second and it snapped so rather than potentially falsely claim it’s a mile long, I settled on 1/2 mile which is still a LOT. My loss is your gain.

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